Welcome to my blog, I simply want to share beautiful things here, I trust you will gently enjoy!

I live in South Africa, however was privileged to be born and grow up in Zimbabwe. Although broken, I find Zimbabwe to still be a “salt of the earth experience when visiting”. I have dear friends and family still living there and enjoying a hard but sincere life there.

South Africa has been good to me, I arrived in the early 80’s and have worked, married, born raised and educated 4 beautiful children here, who have all grown to be amazing and contributing citizens. For this I am grateful and proud.

I started my working career here is South Africa, and it was “in office” that didn’t work, I soon got involved in Sales and have never looked back. We are all “Sales men and women” we simply need to connect with the concept. We are all selling something, mostly ourselves, think about it, when we went to work we “sell ourselves” for the job on offer or position we desire. Even in office careers, we are selling our skills within that organisation, we don’t just drop something on someone’s desk and hope for the best outcome, we go through the material and encourage the outcome, right, that is selling.

In relationship we are always selling, hopefully NOT our souls. We create a journey and navigate that journey through selling, concept, perspective, guidance, feedback, and loads more. What I am saying is SELLING is negotiating and we are always negotiating, and it is a skill worth refining, to support healthy vibrant outcomes where we ALL win.

So I sincerely love to live this way. I navigate and negotiate all the time, even with myself, mostly with myself, it assists me with my own relationship with myself, and this relationship is more important that we have been taught to believe.

Take time to know who you truly are, it is a life long journey, it takes patience, kindness, discernment, and support. Support is key, I truly believe we ALL need a place to talk things through and someone to LISTEN, not fix you, gently open you to yourself through LISTENING, and assisting you to shift a perspective, a belief. A place to unpack, reshuffle things around within, to create more peace in your soul, freeing you to create different realities through healthier more conscious choices in all areas of your life.

This space is called, “Councelling, Coaching, Mentoring”, it is valuable and worth investing in, when you learn to sincerely clue YOU, and know your potential, to invest in this space will automatically be part of you monthly budget, and doing this will change your experience of life immensely.

Here you get to say TRUTH, the ugly truth, the fragile truth. Here you get friendly with vulnerability. Her you get to grow right out fo the box that you have built for yourself in the effort to protect yourself from the work that you have these “beliefs about”, these fears about, that are often not even yours, you have carried them from your ancestral line. Here with courage you will connect with your world, move with your world, co create with your world. I personally could not BE WHO I AM NOW without investing in this space for myself. I am a Counsellor, I am a Life Coach, and can only be this as a result of journeying into myself with the support a space that my “Coucellor and Coach Gives me” regularly. Thank you…

We are already, as a world, so divided. I encourage you to do whatever it takes to “`know your self” Grow and be open to connection and kindness “where you are”, it will make such a difference to the quality of your life.

Blessings of connection to you