Lynda is a glowing Soul and Whole Health Entrepreneur. Lynda has enjoyed 30 years in the industry of personal change , transformation and vibrant health and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with those seeking independent whole health from within. It is from this space of Whole Health that no one can interfere with you, your health and your ultimate success.

Lynda is the founder and owner of Evolved Mind and Body Worx, guardian to Juice4Joy and Soup4Soul, and a range of incredible vegan meals that play an integral roll in her Premium Personalised Health and Lifestyle Companion and Coach program.

Lynda specialises in deep body mind and soul therapy, teaching significant mental, emotional and spiritual processes and tools. Working mostly One on One, this is a place Lynda loves to be in with those wanting wholeness and wonder back into their life. The programs are 6 – 12 months enabling a deep cultivation of connection that supports trust and ultimate desired change and upliftment.

To work with Lynda contact or @