Raindrops fall for days and days
Days and Days
Forcing “Stay Home”.
Forcing me to meet myself
In many ways
So many ways…

Oh my heart aches…
Such a deep ache

My thoughts reach outward
To others
People alone in lockdown
I am alone
Yet none of us are alone
We are ALL in this together
No matter the weather

The Rain keeping us indoors
Persistant – no respite
Despite our longing
Deep longing for light
The Rain insists on keeping us all
Out of sight

Nature seems to be supporting
The Human enforced
Her Beautiful rain
Helping us keep our distance
Yet offering in return
Warm Comfort of our bed covers
For those who do not have

It rains for days and days
Nature and her curious ways
Sunshine I miss you


This was written on April 4th 2020, the morning of our 9th day in Lockdown in South Africa. It was a tough day, I found myself thoughtful about “natures hand” in this all. From my heart came these words.
Our world connected as one through a global pandemic. We shall all rise again, and again, and again!

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