Its is the close of the 8th day of lockdown in South Africa, and it has rained all day…on and off most of the week actually. For me it feels like we are being cleaned. It feels good…we need it. We all need to clean out. I sincerely sense that this lockdown although man made is absolutely necessary. I personally have been through waves of adjustment, and feel I am settling into an acceptance and a TRUST.

I go out only when necessary, as I am an essential supplier of food, Juice4Joy, Soup4Soul, Ready2GoMeals all available at Jacksons Real Food Market in Bryanston and Kyalami. when I am out I see very few people, it seems that where we are things are being taken very seriously, never many people in store at one time, sanitising and wearing funky masks. Thank you South Africa.

Unfortunately there is always a portion of the population that just does not GET IT. They continue as usual, no social distancing, no honouring of the boundaries set out by the Government doing their best to avoid certain disaster. I appeal to those and I also ask in prayer that they change their attitudes, for our country, for the world.

Our economy is already very fragile, and we do need to get back to our work and jobs soonest. There are a lot of people who will not earn money at the end of April. At Juice4Joy we will be paying our staff the end of April, and I have absolute faith that we will be back at work 17th April. , Although many of our clients did have to close their doors. My heart goes out to them, and we will see them on the other side of this.

Today was a tough day…I felt deep sadness and isolation today. It is taking all of my tenacity to stay present. I am doing Dr Joe Dispenza meditations morning and night. What a guy, my one BIG DREAM is to do a 7 day retreat with him. He has written some amazing books, Becoming Supernatural, You Are The Placebo. There are 2 meditations available on Audible. I am also part of a group of woman that connect and look out for each other on Facebook, held by Willow Jayne I really encourage you to investigate it, reach out and choose things that soothe you and grow you into the person you are here to confidently and courageously BE.

What we choose to focus on really gets created…why not focus and create NEW?

As the rain fall on the roof over head I just relax more and more, it is so soothing. I love nature, and there is a deep part of me, just knowing nature is needing to breathe, and humans need to step back. I step choose to step back, and go within for a self reset.

Blessing to you all


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