Like most of the world we are now in lockdown here is South Africa. It is a very interesting time in our country as well as the world. The reality sets into my heart and a knowing – that the world as we know it, has gone. That is not a bad thing, it is transformation, and there is no doubt within me that when we emerge from this we ALL will be able to contribute to rebuilding our world from a better state of being.

Fear of the unknown is paralysing a lot of people, possibly the majority. Fear can be worse than you actually getting this virus…Fear will rob you of every moment you have to be present with the gift of every moment that you do have, as well as compromise your immune system and ability to stand strong in the face of this “DIS-EASE”.

Today the numbers dead are heading toward the 31 000 (yesterday we were at 28 000) the spread is rapid.

This has to impact your own perception and value for each moment you have. How are you being in this, who are you being in this. Just recently in the build up to the “Lockdown” here in South Africa, I witnessed for the first time in my life – pandemonium, I witness people loosing perspective in a way I had never experienced before. I am sensitive to fear when it is around me, and it often is…for most people it is a normal way of life. However this toxic level of fear was more tangible than ever, wanting to seep into my being through my skin, my eyes, my ears…I SAID NO! There is NO way I am opening myself to this toxic fear. NO…

I encourage you to say NO… you will be bombarded with information, be discerning with it, accept it consciously so that you can be informed… say NO to the emotional and mental darkness that it has attached to the fear that is rampant around us all.

There is A LOT of information coming at us 24/7, be discerning with what you listen to, read and choose to believe. Respect the boundaries of “Lockdown”, this is bigger than us, and I don’t want to get into detail that is beyond my control, however, my state is in my control, and that is what will keep me healthy, sane and get to me the other side of this.

We are in day 3 of Lockdown, yesterday when I went to get some necessities, I drove out of my gate and through my suburb, a new level of reality hit me. No One in sight for miles, and then there, at the veg shop were a handful of people topping up their needs. All practicing social distancing, wearing masks, sanitising, getting what they need and going straight home. I felt grateful for the experience of calm peaceful shopping. Unlike my experience a fe days earlier…

We do need to take this extremely seriously, and at the same time, cultivate calmness, open your minds, open your hearts, pray, meditate. I do believe that this is a cleansing, on many levels for many areas of life. Seek out and acknowledge the good news….yes be aware of the sad news, and embrace those in pain and suffering where you are. BELIEVE in the power of sharing support and love through thoughts, prayers, phone calls, FaceTime or Skype, so many amazing platforms to connect over this lockdown period throughout the world. Do you realise for the first time in the world – there are NO Boarders. Physical boarders are closed… however virtual boarders do not exist at all. Seek out the positives that make you feel better where you are…only Love is real! Spread it in all ways possible for you…hearts open, Hands washed…Love ON!

Here is a brief meditation for you to do NOW that I promise will offer your heart some peace. Read it out to yourself and record it on your phone so that you can play it back to yourself when ever you need to shift your state.

Find a quiet place to sit, upright, straight back and relaxed shoulders. Be sure that you can be comfortable for 15 minutes or so. Don’t cross your legs. Let you hands rest on your lap, close you eyes, and bring your attention to you breath….In slowly and deeply filling your lungs and deep into you belly, and breathe out through your mouth, and visualise all the negative energy in your body leave with you exhale. Do this in and out for 5 rounds breathing in TRUST, breath out all negative energy.

Close your eyes (once you close your eyes you naturally and automatically turn within) keeping your eyes closed, and now let your breathing be natural, and drop your attention into your heart. Visualise your attention IN YOUR HEART…breath into your heart, and intend to open your heart to let your love and compassion flow out into your own body.

What colour is Love for you? What colour is Compassion for you?

Imagine those colours and now…feel those colours fill your body totally.

Start with the colours rising from your heart upward through your upper chest, seeping down each arm and all the way to your hands and fingers…

Then imagine your colours rising upward filling your throat, jaw, mouth, ears, nose, eyes, front brain, middle brain, back brain…your head is FULL of the beautiful colour and energy of your own love and compassion. Good… breath that in and embrace that fulfilment of love and compassion for yourself…Good … stay there for a few minutes…notice that peace, that comes over your thoughts, notice how your eyes are relaxed and your jaw is relaxed and your ears are quiet. So Good…

NOW…come back down from you head through your throat and upper chest to you heart centre again…breath into your heart, refill the vibrant love and compassion energy…boost your colours and start to drop down into your lower body…visualise your colours of love and compassion dropping down into you lower chest, abdomen, lower abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, lower legs, ankles, feet and toes…filling your whole lower body from your ALIVE BEATING HEART right down to your toes.

BE HERE…WAIT HERE…EMRACE HERE, breath into your heart boosting your colours and now visualise your heart spreading this love and compassion in colour…out in waves to your whole body, and then your body is SO FULL is starts to flow outward into your space, then out into your garden and into you community and into your country and into your continent and into the oceans and then touches other continents and then eventually the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

Visualise this colourful LOVE AND COMPASSION going into the homes of your family friends and loved ones near and far…and then into the homes of people you don’t know near and far…visualise this healing love and compassion wrapping its arms around everyone that it touches, visualise those people responding to the vibration by relaxing, smiling, soothing…and then choosing to spread that love on where they are…

BREATH IN AND OUT…sit with this visualisation within you for a few minutes…bring a smile to your heart and then to your lips…feel yourself lift…feel the world life into a higher state of being. See the world whole and healed…send blessing and peace to those who have passed onto the other side.

Now gently, wrap your arms around yourself…and say to yourself, I LOVE YOU, thank you for your courage, Thank you for your calm…Thank you for your Love…thank you God within me…Thank you, for the peace that is NOW in my heart . Thank you for the TRUST I have in Myself, and my Life.

Sit, be still, bring your attention to your breath, back to your body, wriggle your toes and fingers, and when you are ready open your eyes.

Peace be with you…I send you Love and Compassion


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