When last did you “if ever”, sit with yourself and reflect constructively regarding your life? Objectively and totally honestly, with yourself? With “yourself” is the most incredible place to practice total honesty. Where else would it truly matter if not with yourself first!

Lets face it, “honesty” is not something that we experienced always in our lives, we also learned dishonestly as a result of our experiences throughout our lives. No doubt there were many circumstances for us all, when we felt we could not be honest, this was always rooted in fear of being in trouble, fear for our safety, fear of rejection, fear of hurting ourselves and others, fear of failure, fear of abandonment. These things were all real to us then, however now that we know what we know… can you give yourself permission to consider the experiences and reasons to “not be real”, but merely our beliefs and conditionings at that time, which we can now choose to change, because it is more healthy for us to live honest and transparent empowered conscious lives NOW! There is so much invigorating freedom in living a transparent and honest lifestyle. Oh my, I do wish this for you all…

There is so much information around “thoughts become things” you are the sum total of the quality of your thoughts, your unconscious beliefs create your realities…and so many more statements, this I do believe is true, and I live this fully now in my life and have practiced living it for the past 20 years…and each time I let myself down, I got back on track through my “go to places”… see below links 😉

I have invested many many years now studying these truths, and just in the time investment, I have shifted my life dramatically for the better. You must fill all your senses with this information, what you read, speak, think and act…Congruency! Let all you be reflect what you believe, rooted into your reestablished sense of self worth and confidence in the life you are blessed to live.

I listen to Aaron Doughty, Joe Dispenza, Abraham Hicks, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins , this eare a few of my “Go TO” places for learning, growing, expanding my consciousness, cultivating my tenacity and focus, feeding my attitude of gratitude, and keeping me vibrantly engaged in my living and contribution to my place on this planet.

So I encourage you to investigate your lifestyle, your life, yourself, and choose to expand yourself, into the potential you truly are. You are here breathing because you are valuable and where you are you can make a difference in the world, start within yourself, your own house and family and them expand out into your community, country, continent, and beyond.

Bless you in your journey, be brave steadfast, and stand tall.

If you would like and support and guidance please feel free to connect with me LifeByLynda


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