Who remembers the phrase “Ignorances is bliss?”

I am reminded of this phrase daily.

I am in a life long journey of waking up, becoming more and more conscious, changing my belief systems …evolving myself. It’s is not for sissy’s this I am sure any of you on this journey KNOW!

I used to be able to eat “a bit” of junk food…. NO MORE! My body rejects it immediately

I used to actually be able to drink quite a lot of beer … NO MORE! My body rejects it, let’s me know in no uncertain terms that it is not serving me and my highest potential!

I used to be able to watch weird, or trashy movies, for a bit of mindless entertainment …. NO MORE! My whole being says NO…surely you can find something more uplifting, enhancing, peaceful and pure to participate in!

Used to be able to keep company with those that gossiped or had no thing better to communicate about …NO MORE! Can’t do it anymore and this has been for some time now…I just can’t be part of arbitrary conversation when we are Ian a world filled with opportunity to share wisdom and make a difference when we are awake. Uplift, remind, encourage support, respond, reflect, love and embrace.

Time is so precious, how fast do our days go by…and what are we BEING with our time? Notice I said BEING. This would indicate that we are living from the inside out (not outside in). Living from the inside out, is a conscious choice we make, it does not come naturally. We have been condition to DO rather than BE. To BE, takes choice, to get to know who you are…who you truly are. NOT the person you think you are based on your upbringing and past, the person underneath all that, the person WITHIN, the person that is not your physical, the being that is your soul.

There are many amazing teachers sharing various processes to KNOW THY SELF! Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened UNTO YOU! It’s YOU you need to get to know…once you start getting within yourself, YOU will start putting a more sincere true self vibration into the world around You. This affords you the opportunity to BE in the world as your BEST SELF level of BEING … and the BE YOURSELF that is for the highest good of all and everything around you.

Seek and you shall find yourself, choose not to and ignorance is bliss! You don’t know what you don’t know, you know what you know, look and feel your life and that will show you what you know, observe what your “go to things are” that will show you who you currently are, look at your results and that will show you if what you know and what you live and what you do and what you be is truly serving you…

Be willing to look within to change you outer reality, true bliss from living consciously is the bliss I encourage you to seek.

To Your Bliss – Lynda

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