2019 draws to a close, schools break up and our children go on summer holidays, Matric’s have finished writing, and business’s start to wind down.

People are tired, sensitive, and quite frankly fully in survival mode…if they dare to acknowledge their deep reality, or are they all pretending? It is very rare that we feel on top of stuff…life throws you curved balls daily. I get the necessity for the regular mind work. I can tell you it helps, without it, I surely do not know where I would personally be. My days are full and they are challenging.

For this reason, I start my day every day this way: A warm bath, my favourite cup with rich organic raw cacao (its my ritual drink), I light a candle, and I focus my mind. I visualise my day, I drop into my heart, and I offer myself acceptance, love, compassion and courage. I bring my day into my presence and I create it there in my mind with my heart.

There are many high vibrational channels on YouTube that are my go to place: Sandra Rolus, Joe Dispenza, Aaron Doughty and many more. Such amazing encouraging channels that expand your consciousness and empower your do your own internal work.

Without this morning routine, I feel disconnected and very unstable. I encourage you the reader to look into planning your day to start this way.

I get that we cannot control what happens outside of us, we can however control or should I rather say choose how we respond. Even then, from places inside us, that surprise us, we have emotions that rise, that need to be acknowledged, expressed, felt and processed. When we deny these, we deny ourselves. It is years of self denial and the lack of self attentiveness that has layered these unresolved wounds and experiences that then show up when we least “need them” if I can say that. However, we DO need them…believe me, they show up to grow us to free us, all things denied, will show up…and do need to be held, processed and integrated consciously.

Giving yourself this time each day is a way of washing the soul, clearing the mind, and creating your day, the that is possible, that is lying within your potential ready to be lived. We create our day by each thought we chose and each action we take.

Choose wisely, pause, breathe, and know that everyone is doing there best with what they have to work with, be kind, listen attentively, let go of the need to be right or fix people…LOVE!

It is a time of giving, and I find myself recognising that everyday is a time of giving. What is the consciousness and quality of your giving? Are you giving STUFF or is it Your LOVE and acceptance that you give into each persons world.

Happy Holidays Beautiful People


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