Sound impossible, Like are you saying “What?” There is no way…manage my mind!!! Yes you can…and it is extremely important to do that. This is #mentalhealth week and this is the foundation of mental health, managing your mind, where it is coming from, where it is and where it is going to.

Where it is coming from…everything currently being carried by you, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually is with you based on a PAST experience, do you agree? Even if that moment was one minute ago! We store stuff, and we can chose to let it go because we are awake enough to DECIDE it is not serving toward our peace, or prosperity or purpose to KEEP it. We let it go “if we are awake enough” this is where the opportunity is…ARE you awake enough to catch your mind focusing on stuff that does not serve you and your current life, what you want, or long to create, so often we do not get this…we attract more of who we are, where we are, so if you want it to be different you need to shift the “attract or”! Manage your mind and you manage the quality of your life. FACT!

It is in this moment that the potential to change everything IS! Stop, catch yourself dwelling on past decisions, experiences, beliefs that have changed, yes they have changed, you have past through that experience, you are present in your current day, with new experiences available, right? It is a new day, all things are appropriate for you. This is an example of the self observation encouraged in order to get yourself present, STOP, look around you, acknowledge where you are and what is the truth. Do you like it, not like it? Either way, its up to you to change it.

Where is it going – well that is pretty obvious, it is going nowhere healthy, if it is coming from past, if it has a negative emotional charge, and if it has robbed you of your NOW…it is not a thought that serves you in any way. be objective about the thought, question the thought with a firmness of spirit (as you would a naughty child) and decide if it has truth or value, if not, let it go, voice it and physically let it go…don’t worry about what anyone around you sees, feels or says…it is your peace and progress that matters, and here it is, once you have started practicing this your peace will flow out and affect others in a positive way. That’s a WIN WIN in my world!

Where you ARE NOW – this is what matters, that you are present to your NOW, and embracing the moment offered to you by this day. Moment by moment, with each precious breath we take, we have the power to be present and with a focused and free mind, we can co create with our Universe with God, a reality that serves everyone around us, in a higher frequency and consciousness. This is the goal..Practice!

Having journeyed for many many years within the mental health industry, I find myself doing this daily. Why do I share this with you, because I want you to keep going, keep practicing patience with yourself and your own journey mastering you minds. Trust me it is a very rewarding journey.

I have recently downloaded an app on my phone called #Meditopia, do yourself the greatest gift, look it up, purchase it and invest in your mental health today. Set aside little bite size portions of your day and night to quiet your mind. Your productivity levels will improve, your peace with expand, your creativity with flourish, this will result in all round raised frequency and consciousness.

To your Mental Health I wish you MORE Peace!

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