We do all already kind know about this concept, however do we actually put it into practice, do we practice discipline with ourselves and actually practice this attitude shifting daily.

This can only really happen if you are aware of yourself, are prepared to stop and observe your behaviour consistently during the day.

It is quite easy actually, as soon as you feel yourself shifting into as negative state, anxiety, anger, frustration, judgement….STOP! Start to question where you are at, why you are there, what thoughts preceded the shift in your state.

This action practiced will support you becoming more aware of yourself, it will take you out of “auto pilot” more and more and bring you consciously into creating your own day, instead of being pulled into the collective conscious which is mostly frantic!

People, life is tough, God never said it was easy, He did not promise easy, however when you are living your day consciously, with accountability and integrity, you will have more peace of mind and heart. This then supports a more vibrant energy, more available to you to create a day worth of abundance on many levels.

Watch your thoughts, seriously, there is a lot of valuable information on the internet available to you to help you manage your mind energy and teach your to stay focused constructively.

Do you realise that avoiding this is an act of self neglect? Yes it is, just like avoiding your physical health, just like eating consistently in a way that harms your health, just like having destructive relationships, accepting 2nd best, not standing up for yourself, it is all self neglect. Change that, take care and responsibility for your body, mind and soul, it is your temple and it is Holy, because God lives there too…with you!

Have a beautiful day…


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