Chaos is real peeps, and sometimes it is unavoidable. Its how you are in the chaos that counts…

I have had some chaos of late, these leads to feelings of doubt and anxiety…hey I am human! I have noticed myself notice these feelings, and recognise a familiar rhythm. This helps me to confirm it is associated with an engrained belief system that is rooted in doubt and lack of trust in myself and my life.

Now I know, or do I really know…that I get up each day willing, able and available to show my best self, I also know or do I really know…that the universe is conspiring in my favour…so why the doubt? Am I really truly LIVING my knowing as mentioned above? No… I feel that if I was truly LIVING this truth, I would manage my chaos more consciously and before being drowned by it, I would have the opportunity to say NO, I am not taking this on. This is not my stuff…look around me and confirm my abundance, the fruits of my commitment to being a contributing human.

We before we even know it are mostly operating on Auto Pilot…its dangerous man! Before we know it we have gone the opposite direction to opportunity.

We can STOP reassess and change direction, however it takes realising we actually are where we are and taking action right there and then…the power of action in the NOW. For example; Stop, recognise where you are, realise it is not where you want to be, decide to change direction, take action, and DO IT! It sounds simple, but it is not in the beginning. Do it 5-10 times in a row and it starts to become what you more naturally do.

You may have heard in many “Life Coach Modalities” that we learn this way. I recently listened to Dr Wayne Dyer tell the story of the Woman who walked down the road, and there was a big hole in the pavement and she fell into it, it took her a long time to make her way out. The next day she walked down the same street, and there was the same hole, she saw the hole, yet fell into it again…it took her a while to get out, the next day she walked down the same street, and she walked around the hole, managing to miss it completely, the next day she walked down a different street completely.

We need to practice this with everything about our lives and our days. See it all as an adventure, and be awake to opportunities to practice these tools that we have all around us, offered by many amazing teachers, so available on the internet, YouTube etc.

I spend a lot of my spare time immersed in listening to all these amazing people I learn from. We need to do this in order to be living vibrantly, agile to our obstacles that are only opportunities to practice our innate agility to be flexible and responsive to our world each one of us.

Practice Peeps…Your life and its quality is worth the investment of your time.


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