I have been away, travelling beautiful England.

I love to visit England

My Son and grandchildren are there and it is important to invest in physically connecting with your family.

The world has become a very small place. Travel is “kinda easy” yet expensive, especially for us from Africa. Visa’s and exchange rate has the power to kill the pleasure! Don’t let it…

There is nothing like travel to shift you, in a good way. Personally I find the preparation of travel quite unsettling. The visa process, really unsettles me. I have recognised that I don’t trust the world. This is a big thing…a great thing to acknowledge. When you acknowledge something… own it…then you can change it.

Going through passport control and security is hectic…we are all looked at as “dangerous’ do you get that feeling, or am I the only one??? Everything off, expect you clothing, boots, belts, watches… I find this really overwhelming. When I get through that it is the only time I relax and look forward to switching off a bit, enjoying where I am.

Travelling can help you cultivate more patience and tolerance for others. You see and bump into many different people, gender, culture, colour, nationality, religion. I met a lovely lady on my flight, and guess what, she teaches what I need to learn…Journal making! How cool is synchronicity! We will meet next week and I will being it learn how to create my own journals!

What I experience when I travel is a true “rainbow nation” that is dynamic and intelligent, educated, moving forward, doing life with energy. It was interesting for me, I did not feel threatened by anyone travelling with me, although they were strangers. I felt very uncomfortable with those in positions of power though. Interesting!

My Dream, My Goal is to travel once a year and challenge my comfort zone…of mistrust in people fo authority! Comfort zones limit your growth, and expansion as a person here, for a purpose, and we are all here with a purpose and Our purpose, I believe is knitted intimately into our living each day to our fullest, being OPEN to life’s experiences, that will come our way every moment, that have the potential to grow us. Where ever we may go, we will always have the opportunity to show, courage, care, compassion and love.


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