Did you ever stop and realize that TODAY is what we have, now this moment is even more true – what we have.

It is quite a mind blow… I am not being pessimistic, on the contrary, I am being optimistic. When we truly get that this is it… this day, this morning, this moment… truly get it. Might we be more committed to this time NOW!

Might we speak less and action more “actions speak louder than words ever will!” Might we LOVE louder than we did before? Might kindness be our dominant characteristic? Might we embrace nature more… look and SEE the sky, it’s glory. Reach for the heavens in all we do, speak words gentle and true.

Yes we are surrounded by challenges, changes, a lot out of our control, however you have YOU, you have your Neighbour, who may be a stranger, and may be family, or freind. Reach out and touch that person. May your touch transmit LOVING KINDNESS.

Life is a gift not a guarantee…embrace your moments.


Fragile yet resilient

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