Art is a personal thing…

A personal expression that flows in the moments you are prepared to offer space to your expression, from your inner eye, your living soul, your inner flow.

So often, and more than is healthy we are not available to feel our expression, our inner eye is blinded with busy ness, and our flow blocked with worldly expectation.

The silent expression of colour on canvas, or words on paper. This peaceful action is able to move blockages that stand in the way of our potential. Our joy. We are all able to take this action…

It’s a personal journey, and in being personal with ourselves from the perspectives of creation light that flows in us, part of the greater light, the greater consciousness, the greater good. It is humbling to contribute from within, share our creation energy, with love, faith and Grace.

We all have this gift of creation in us, you need to dare to dream, visualise, believe, start, and practice doing it. In the practice, observe the “judge in you, the inner critic, the self saboteur. ” Be objective with the inner voice that says you can’t, dare to face that in you, and say YES I CAN!

We are all here with a gift to bring. Find out what it is through recognising what beings you joy, and do more of that. By doing more of what brings you joy, you will bring more joy to where you are and where you are is where you are meant to be, that is why you are there, trust that and make your moments count because they matter.

To doing more of what brings joy to you and others “where you are!”


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