We did the night

We did the day

Forging on

For the plight

Work and Play

We did it all day

The day was bright

The night

A gentle shade of Grey

My Home

My House

It is where I go

A place I rest

A place I grow

Although Alone

I am content


The “I AM”

I am meant

Do I hide here?

Am I scared?

Often alone…

I long for

Human “Kind”


Connection deep

But then I

Roll over and sleep!

Is it a cop out

How would I know

With NO One here

To show

The truth to me

Do we only see

what we want to see?

The safe

The soothing…

I Am Right!

There are NO more

Good men in sight!

As the autumn colours show

And the leaves fall to the ground below

I dare

To put out

My hearts call…


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