Oh how this is so true… Who knows you more intimately than 4am, wide awake? You and You.

This is You and You time…what about enjoying it? Did you ever think of it this way. As an experience with yourself! You and your Apple MacBook Air, you blog space, sharing some truth, with someone out there that is also wide awake.

We always think we are so alone…we are not. Even in this space right here where I am, I am not alone, I am part of a collective consciousness, creative energy that can choose to stew over NO SLEEP, or tap into myself, share with the collective an angle that is healthier, from a vibration that is interested, aware of the blessing of even being awake, on levels that most are not aware of.

Sure we are meant to sleep when it is dark, but are we? Who said so? Our bodies have knowledge of time, and know what we need, yes our minds can get in the way, if we let them. Yup! You can change you mind…give it a go?

So from my perspective I get up, I put on the kettle, I have some healthy herb tea, I pull out my writing and I express myself. In no time, I am calmer, my mind has become quieter, and I am resting with may eyes wide open. Quite a cool place to be.

There is nowhere to go at 4am…gym closed…Seattle will be open! Great coffee at Seattle Coffee! Should I go…NO! Stay put with yourself, drink your healthy herb tea, and practice expressing yourself. Writing is a great way of getting things out from inside and onto something in front of you to look at objectively. Impersonal observation of the space you are holding for yourself.

So I am not worrying, I am not fretting, I am not lonely, I am just awake, and I am ok with that. So NLP would look to turn these statements around…Let’s do that!

I am calm and centred, My heart is peaceful, I fell connected with my surroundings, there you go, how different the vibration of that? Can you feel the frequency raised already. I can 🙂

Herb tea time…

Good Friday to you all


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