Do you Do what you love and love what you do…

I certainly do.

I often find myself remembering, when I knew that I would end up living this life and doing what I do. I visualise this. I felt this. I believed this would happen, and it did.

It was a long journey, and I had to take the journey fully. I invested in my self healing, my inner growth, and I did this all through mindfulness, connecting with self, being present, and changing my nutrition.

This is not easy, it takes tenacity, determination, calm consciousness, and support. Support in as much as a COACH, someone focused on supporting you. Listening to you, responding objectively to you, with only your interests at heart.

Sunflowers, just like you, have a beautiful round face and a big smile, Sunflowers, just like you, look for the light, and this is oh so true. Be like a Sunflower, however look for the light within YOU.


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